Silva Cell projects come in all shapes and sizes. The common ground between all of them is the advantages that having enough planting soil does for the long term health and survival of street trees. In combination, the trees and soil also act as a powerful form of green infrastructure, helping to reduce the amount of stormwater runoff that enters nearby sewers, stormwater conveyance facilities, and creeks, thereby protecting properties, infrastructure, water quality, and creek health.

To get started incorporating Silva Cells into your site, we recommend the following steps and resources.

Assessing your tree and stormwater design goals
  • Determine the target soil volume per tree using the "How Much Soil To Grow a Big Tree?" chart as a guide.
  • Download our tree-and-stormwater details.
  • Determine how many trees on your site will need Silva Cells.
  • For stormwater projects, download our stormwater sizing manual and fact sheet for technical guidance using Silva Cell to design a bioretention-equivalent subsurface stormwater management system. Topics covered in the fact sheet include system siting feasibility and constraints, recommended inlet and outlet configurations, flow distribution considerations, media guidelines, tree selection, system sizing, and operations and maintenance activities.

Create project drawings

Write the specifications

Determine budget pricing
  • Read about basic price information here.
  • According to bid tabulations from projects across North America, Silva Cell projects generally cost from $14 – $18 per cubic foot installed (that estimate includes everything except the base course, the final paving and the tree itself).

  • Please email a complete set of plans (layout and section detail) to your DeepRoot project manager to start the plan review process.
  • Still have questions? Contact [email protected].

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