Legacy Trees At Bomber Command Memorial

The RAF Bomber Command Memorial in London’s Green Park honours the 55,573 men of Bomber Command who lost their lives in World War II.

Trees planted in the footpath are an integral part of the design and a main feature of the monument. Design firm Liam O’ Connor wanted majestic London plane trees to front the memorial and contribute to its impact, while also complementing the surrounding cityscape. These trees would also enhance the pedestrian space between the road and Monument.

Westminster City Council recognised this need and required that trees placed within the footpath be given adequate volumes of lightly compacted soil. Silva Cells were utilised to provide the trees the soil volumes they need to grow large and luxuriant (all while easily accomodating underground utilities).

In addition to providing conditions suitable for long-term growth for the London planes, the Silva Cells comfortably comply with Westminster Highways Accidental Vehicle loading requirements. Transport for London agreed and supported the planting process. The stature and grandeur of these trees will visually echo the monument’s design without disrupting any city infrastructure. The Memorial’s unveiling will take place on June 28th, 2012.

Installation Summary
Soil volume per tree (shared): 16.5 m3(583 ft3), shared
Number of Trees: 2
Installation Date: March 2012
Project designer: Liam O’Connor Architects & Planning Consultants
Engineers: West One
Contractor: Gilbert Ash

For more information, please contact:
US: Nav Kaur ([email protected] or 415-746-1557).
Canada: Mike James ([email protected] or 604-687-0899).
UK: Steve Chatwin-Grindey ([email protected] or 02038484230).