What Separates Us is Service

Any company can sell you a product — but not every company is your partner.

We pride ourselves on not only delivering a quality green infrastructure product, but also in offering the best service in the industry. This means providing our clients with experienced guidance throughout the planning and installation process — but it’s more than that. We remain your partner well beyond installation with ongoing support in the way of maintenance advice, replacement parts, and whatever else you need to make your project a success.

Maintenance Simplicity

We design our products with future maintenance simplicity in mind. The Silva Cell system is structurally independent — this ensures easy access to any area in need of attention without disruption to the entire framework. And you aren’t alone: We offer advice and support during the maintenance process as needed.

We Love Our Work

One of the reasons our service is unmatched is our passion for the industry: we love what we do and we like showing it off. Our staff’s dedication to green infrastructure and sustainability keep us motivated — we enjoy educating and we want your tree-growing and stormwater initiatives to thrive, because we take pride in our company’s products and their mission.

Our commitment to the success of your project doesn't end with installation

Going Green is All Our Responsibility

Yes, we want our company and our products to be the best in the industry — but it’s more than vanity and profit that motivates us. We are committed to creating livable, community-first green space throughout the world. The ongoing success of your green infrastructure project is not only important to you and to DeepRoot; it’s important for cities around the globe fighting the onslaught of climate change. Trees matter — and we’re committed to supporting them throughout their lifecycle.

Advocating for Green Space

Mark Adamaley – Ontario Account Manager

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