Central Salford Gateway Road Junction

Salford City Council’s regeneration scheme has a focus on green infrastructure improvement, in particular to the M602 Roundabout and associated subway network. This location is a key gateway to Central Salford and the Regional Centre, and is also a major pedestrian and cycle route link to Salford Quays and the prestigious Media CityUK. Transforming this area into a pleasant and enjoyable route was a Council goal and an integral part of the eventual project design by Urban Vision Ltd.

Cassandra Wheadon of Urban Vision Partnership understood the social economic and enviornmental benefits that large-longterm tree growth could have to the site, and utilized the Silva Cell as a tool to provide the trees with adequate amounts of soil to achieve this long term vision. “We have had many compliments on this project and how good the area looks.”

Soil stores nutrients, water and oxygen, all of which are essential for healthy trees. By using large volumes of uncompacted natural soil within the Silva Cells, the Quays Gateway project is truly providing the ‘green roots’ to Media CityUK and will continue to do so for decades to come.

One big benefit of using Silva Cells is that soil can be mechanically loaded into the cells, saving a huge amount of time and labour. Project Manager for GPL Civils, Chris Wright, noted that “installing the Silva Cell is very simple and straightforward, there really is nothing to it. The supply and on site installation support we were given was invaluable, we would happily install the Silva Cells in future projects.”

Installation Summary
Installation Date: August 2010
Soil Volume per Tree: 5.7 m3
Project designers: Urban Vision Partnership Ltd.
Contractor: GPL Cilvil Engineering. Urban Vision Landscape Services
Client:Central Salford Urban Regeneration
Tree Species: 9 Betula Utilis Jacqemontil

For more information, please contact:
US: Nav Kaur ([email protected] or 415-746-1557).
Canada: Mike James ([email protected] or 604-687-0899).
UK: Steve Chatwin-Grindey ([email protected] or 02038484230).