Marriott International Headquarters & Hotel Plaza

DeepRoot’s most recent partnership is with design firm Saski for the new Marriot International Headquarters and Hotel in Bethesda, Maryland. This 2.14-acre project will host a slew of green infrastructure achievements: stormwater management, on-site green roof over a parking lot, and a lush, green space for pedestrians.

Installation Summary:
Number of DeepRoot Silva Cells: 270 1X, 30 2X
Amount of Total Soil Volume: 4,400 ft3 (125m3)
Number of Trees: 13
Type of Project: Integrated trees storm water
Project Civil Engineers: Sasaki
Project Contractor: Walsh Construction Company
Installation Date of Silva Cells: July 2021
Project Timeline: 2021-2022

Challenge | Solution

Saski met Montgomery County stormwater requirements using permeable pavement and DeepRoot Silva Cells. Combining a method of permeable, precast concrete pavers and Silva Cells will allow for bioretention to occur below the surface and help allocate more water to the tree roots and manage excess stormwater. Silva Cells were installed throughout the central plaza and the trees planted along the sidewalk perimeter. At street level, the central plaza and used 270 1X and 30 2X Silva Cells totaling 4,400 ft3 of soil volume in the cells within the 13
tree pits.

On the roof levels, green roofs cover all the areas not occupied by equipment. Silva Cells were the ideal choice to accommodate this on-structure green roof. The Silva Cell synergizes with green roofs to accommodate the load bearing capacity both above and below the soil it holds while still satisfying stormwater requirements and allowing for enough space for the tree roots to thrive.

The new Marriott International Headquarters and Hotel is expected to open in 2022 with 13,000 ft. of distinctive outdoor space and an accessible pedestrian route to the transit station, retail shops, and restaurants for Marriott associates, guests, and the public. DeepRoot is pleased to have been the green infrastructure stormwater management solution on such a wonderful project and will be providing updates in the future as the tree canopy flourishes.


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