Mature Footpath Trees Make Way For Next Generation

Big trees are defining landscape features, and communities form emotional attachaments to them If they are removed, people often want to see replacements right away. This was the case with 12 established trees along Kings Road in Harrogate.

After trees along the footpath outside the Convention Centre were removed, the local authority felt it was urgently important to provide replacements. The trees flank the entrance as you approach the building, and any new plantings would need adequate soil in order to survive and grow in to arresting parts of the landscape.

During excavation, the advantage of a modular system like the Silva Cell was immediately apparent – the excavation area revealed plentiful fiber optic, as well as an old watering well

Silva Cells were installed in January 2010, and while it will be many years until they are as large as their predecessors, they have already made a mark on their community.

Installation Summary
Total soil volume: 110 m3(9–12 m3 per tree)
Number of Silva Cells: 345 frames, 345 decks
Client: Harrogate Borough Council
Contractor: HACS Constrtruction
Installed: January 2010


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