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DeepRoot develops green infrastructure to enhance urban forests and surrounding watersheds in the built environment, prioritising soil, stormwater (SuDS), and sustainable infrastructure. Our Silva Cell and Marino Cell products are low-impact development (LID) solutions, creating optimal conditions for city tree growth and/or on-site stormwater management. Headquartered in San Francisco with locations in Minneapolis, Vancouver, and London, DeepRoot has more than four decades of experience building green communities, nurturing thousands of blocks of urban streetscapes around the world.

Grow large, healthy trees and manage stormwater on-site
Shallow stormwater storage in the built environment
Redirect tree roots down and away from hardscapes
Complete your project with geomembranes, tree grilles, and other products.

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What are people saying about Silva Cells?
"Our team utilized Silva Cells to plant trees that otherwise may not have been able to survive in the city environment."
-Forrester Construction
"The Silva Cell system played a major part in survivability of these trees and the long-term protection of the paving around them."
-Blake Starnes, Earthtone Designs
"The Silva Cell solution allowed us to achieve the desired soil volumes within a fairly congested street with all of the utilities, while also achieving public-realm enhancements."
-Spencer Thompson, Urban Systems
"There's always a large difference between tree caliper size after a few years between those planted in Silva Cells and those just planted in tree pockets without the same volume of soil."
-Tim Masters, Blue Pine Construction
"The whole team at DeepRoot was very helpful. I expected the repair work in a very urban environment to be complicated, but it was actually pretty simple and seeing that made me more likely to use Silva Cells in future projects."
-Collin Christopher, Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Department

The Power of Green Infrastructure

DeepRoot is committed to sustainability — our green infrastructure products help cities fight climate change by embracing the power of urban forestry and low-impact development (LID) stormwater solutions. Our products are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing even the most complex built environments to adopt green infrastructure as a sustainability practice.

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