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  • UB 18-2, Linear
    Middletown, NJ

    The Red Hill Activity Center at Tatum Park in Middletown, New Jersey is a great example of an alternative use of DeepRoot tree root barriers.

  • UB 24-2, Linear
    Celebration, FL

    Founded in 1994 by the Walt Disney Company, Celebration, Florida is an innovative new town outside Orlando.

  • UB 18-2, Linear
    Brooklyn, NY

    Brooklyn can be a difficult place to grow trees. The pressures of a city restricts planting space, and trees don’t always get the care they need.

  • UB 24-2, Linear
    Ridgefield Park, NJ

    Main Street in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey in 1994 was a bleak streetscape. In April of that year dozens of street trees were planted.

  • UB 36-2, Surround
    West Palm Beach, FL

    The West Palm Beach Library Plaza is a project that demonstrates both the practical and aesthetic qualities of trees.

  • UB 24-2, Linear
    Orlando Playground, FL

    In 1989 the tennis and basketball courts at Princeton Park in Orlando, Florida had been severely damaged by root intrusion and were unusable.

  • UB 18-2, Linear
    Louis Riel Park, Montreal, Quebec

    In the spring of 2000 a root pruning project at Louis-Riel Park in Montreal was initiated to repair the damaged pathway.

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