What is it like to work with DeepRoot? We see our mission as integrating holistic natural elements into the built environment, and our business practices follow the same principle. From initial concept through planning stages, and implementation, DeepRoot supports you every step of the way. We also give back to the design community through research, case studies, and support of industry organizations.

While You Design

Design Tools

Step-by-step guides and videos assist with creation of layout/section details.

Support Services

Pressed for time? We can help with species selection, stormwater models, shop drawings, custom details, and more.


Our specifications and details reflect the latest and best knowledge about trees, soil, and water.

Before You Build

Project Plan Review

We review every plan before anything goes in the ground to help ensure each project is successful.

Pre-Construction Training

Our Technical Manger will walk you and your construction team through everything you need to install.


Silva Cell installation map allows you to easily locate - and visit - a project near you.

Installation... And Beyond

On-Site Observation

An installation specialist attends each installation to answer questions and provide field input.


Silva Cell Operations and Maintenance manual provides detailed instructions for planned or emergency service/utility repairs.


Follow how trees are doing every year on our Flickr page and through ongoing research.


Track Record

The Silva Cell has been installed in over 1129 projects worldwide.

Design Chops

We hold six patents and provide a 20 year product warranty.

Approved for Use

The Silva Cell is approved for use by numerous municipalities and environmental authorities.

Quality Assurance

Quality Parts Every Time

We use ISO/TS 16949 compliant and ISO 9001:2008 registered factories for manufacturing.

Material Selection

We select materials for long-term durability, sustained engineering needs, and cost effectiveness.

Efficient Manufacturing

Our factory partners use as little raw material and water as possible in the manufacturing process.

About Deeproot


We're a small, family-owned business dedicated to making a lasting impact.

Partner Power

Our contributing consultants are recognized at the highest levels for their work in the fields of arboriculture, landscape architecture, and soil science.

We Give Back

DeepRoot helps further understanding of landscape performance through research, industry memberships, case studies, educational videos, and more.

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