DeepRoot Tree Grilles

The DeepRoot tree grilles protects the delicate root system of the tree with a multi-part, galvanized profile steel construction that is easy to assemble and allows for uncomplicated maintenance. On request, the gratings are also available in stainless steel or with a non-slip surface and with different mesh. The complete system is 99% recyclable due to the material used.

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Assembly Instructions

1. Determine exact location and height of the tree protection system in the terrain. (Please note: the height of the pavement needs to be considered)
2. Excavate the excavation pit for the tree grille system in the required size and make base grade
3. Set concrete foundation on-site
4. Screw the 4-part outer frame together and dowel it onto the concrete foundation
5. Fill the planting area up to the concrete edge
6. Plant the tree into the plant opening and adjust if necessary
7. Insert inner segments and screw them together (mounting material enclosed)
8. Insert DeepRoot Water and Air System
9. Infill material up to the height of the surrounding pavement

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