Shallow Stormwater Storage.
SuDS Compliant.
Modular Design.
Supports Traffic Loads.
100% Recycled Plastic.

The DeepRoot Marino Cell is a shallow stormwater storage module, perfect for sustainable drainage system (SuDS) projects. It features a shallow profile and a stackable design (up to four frames tall), allowing for customisable chamber sizes to fit nearly any project specification. It can also be installed at very shallow depths for added field versatility.

Stormwater detention, infiltration, and harvesting can be achieved with the Marino Cell. It has a shallow depth of cover and meets HS-20 loading standards with very little cover requirements (utilising a single deck atop any number of stacked frames). The Marino Cell features two sizes of utility pipe inlets for easy pass-through access.

Flexibility to fit nearly any project environment.

Simple, Adaptable

Marino Cell is composed of only two components: the frame and the deck. This simplicity allows you to craft a customisable chamber size for your project by selecting the system’s depth (up to four cells high) and its footprint (the cells are modular for simple install and size adaptability).

  • Each frame measures 150mm tall with a 600mm x 600mm footprint
  • One to four frames (150mm to 600mm in total height) can be utilized in a stacked formation
  • Two sizes of pipe inlets provide utilities with simple pass-through access
  • A single deck is then placed on top for structural strength
The Marino Cell features two sizes of utility pipe inlets for easy pass-through access.


The DeepRoot Marino Cell is the perfect green solution for a variety of project applications, including:

  • Bioretention
  • Permeable Pavement
  • Micro Drainage
  • Green Roofs
  • New Tree Watering

Download Marino Cell Applications details.

“Rather than treating water like a waste product, we consider it as a precious and limited resource. Instead of asking how we can whisk the water away as fast as possible, we ask how we can wring the maximum utility from this resource for humans and other species.”

-Thomas W. Liptan, Sustainable Stormwater Management

Working with the Natural Environment

The most efficient climate-action methods are those that work with the natural environment, not against it – and the Marino Cell was designed by prioritising this sustainable green strategy. While gray infrastructure attempts to redirect water away from the site as quickly as possible, green infrastructure like the Marino Cell attenuates, infiltrates, and harvests this water for on-location benefits including biodiversity support and supplemental irrigation for local vegetation.

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