Shallow stormwater storage.
Modular design.
Supports traffic loads.
100% recycled plastic.

Introducing the DeepRoot Marino Cell™. A shallow stormwater system specifically designed to manage water in challenging urban environments. With a shallow modular design from 152mm deep, and exceptional strength that requires minimal cover. Making this a perfect green infrastructure solution for a variety of project applications.

The 95% void can be utilised for stormwater conveyance, detention, infiltration and water harvesting. The Marino Cell can be installed just below the hard surface and is suitable to be placed in trafficked areas. The Marino Cell is the perfect green solution for a variety of project applications.

Stormwater Storage


Craft the right chamber size for your project by selecting the system’s depth (up to four cells high) and its footprint (the cells are modular for simple install and size customization).

  • Each frame measures 152.4 mm tall with a 609 mm x 609 mm footprint
  • One to four frames (152.4 mm to 609 mm in total height) can be utilized in a stacked formation
  • Two sizes of pipe inlets provide utilities with simple pass-through access
  • A single deck is then placed on top for structural strength


The DeepRoot Marino Cell is the perfect green solution for a variety of project applications, including:

  • Bioretention
  • Permeable Pavement
  • Micro Drainage
  • Green Roofs
  • New Tree Watering

Download Marino Cell Applications details.

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