HUMBERG Tree Accessories

Add a little flair and a lot of functionality to your urban forestry project with a tree accessory from Humberg! Protect your new planting with a trunk guard, available in various sizes and styles, or ensure the roots receive the nutrients they need with Humberg’s Water and Air system. Finally, choose from numerous styles of customizable tree grilles in a variety of materials and finishes.

Water+Air System

HUMBERG Water+Air Systems are innovative solutions designed to effectively deliver water and air directly to tree roots and the surrounding soil system. These systems can be utilized as standalone units or integrated with the Silva Cell to cater to the comprehensive irrigation and aeration needs of any urban tree planting scenario.

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Custom Tree Grilles

As the exclusive UK partner of HUMBERG metalworks products, DeepRoot offers a tree grille system for nearly any design application – including both fillable and laser-cut configurations, each one providing protection for your plantings’ roots.

The HUMBERG fillable tree grilles – available in sizes to fit your needs – work with anything from asphalt to paving stones, while offering functionality, simplicity, and flexibility. More customizable options are also available on the HUMBERG laser-cut tree grilles, providing additional versatility to fit any design plan.

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Trunk Guard

Certain construction endeavours necessitate the provision of trunk protection, an element often overlooked amidst the grand scheme of square design. HUMBERG trunk guards cater to this specific need. They function as an effective shield against collisions, offer a secure spot for bicycle fastening, or even act as a brief respite for those seeking a temporary seat. Crafted from hot-dip galvanized steel, these guards are powder-coated and are 99% recyclable, aligning with sustainable practices.

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Trunk Protection Grids

In the urban landscape, trees play a vital role, capturing CO2 and providing much-needed shade. However, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to lose focus and misjudge the proximity to these valuable trees. To safeguard against collision damage while allowing their natural growth, our range of HUMBERG trunk protection grids presents an ideal solution. With a variety of designs available, these grids ensure optimal protection for trees, even when vehicles come in close contact. Rest assured, our HUMBERG high-quality grids are built to withstand accidental bumps, including those unfortunate encounters with car doors.

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