Why DeepRoot Silva Cell?

Water quality / pollutant control

Peak overflow reduction/flow control


Any type of soil

Grow big trees

DeepRoot Silva Cells can be used on almost any type of site, including streets, plazas, parking areas, green roofs/on structure, “break-out” zones. The soil contained in the DeepRoot Silva Cells serves two important functions: treating onsite stormwater and growing large trees.

Experience the Difference with the DeepTech Engineering Team

  • Stormwater Design: Complete, complimentary design services and consultation. Stormwater modeling, monitoring and performance for Silva Cells
  • Landscape Design: Complete, complimentary architectural designs, layouts, and details. Soil volume analysis, planting design and tree species selection and recommendations.
  • Remote & On-site Training: lunch and learns, workshops, technical presentations
What Customers are saying
“The DeepRoot Silva Cells allowed for bioretention treatment to occur under impervious areas, which was not previously an option. Without DeepRoot Silva Cells, housing would have been lost in order to create bioretention areas in the landscape.”
- Colette L’Heureux, Associate Engineer at Mackay & Somps
“Thank you, DeepRoot Silva Cells, for increasing our stormwater retention capacity and contributing to a healthy and vibrant Streetscape. Truly a collaboration for the benefit of the environment and the community.”
– Kathy Garcia, Planning & Community Development Director of City of Del Mar
“We specified DeepRoot Silva Cells as a requirement by the city of Palo Alto. They were used under the sidewalk to provide a healthy soil environment for Sycamore trees. After a few years of growth, the trees are very healthy, vibrant and we couldn’t be happier with their current condition.”
– Todd Lansing, Principal at Creo Landscape Architecture

DeepRoot has been pioneering the soil cell industry for over 45 years.

We bring our longstanding expertise and solution centric DeepTech team to each and every project.



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