Tree Health and Stormwater Management

Silva Cells contain lightly compacted soil that serves two important functions: growing large trees and treating stormwater on location. The system is designed with sustainability and versatility in mind, with benefits that include:

  • Growing mature, healthy urban forests
  • LID stormwater treatment
  • Simple installation and future maintenance
  • Field adjustability

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Sized to Fit Your Needs

Using Silva Cells to grow large, healthy trees? The first step is setting your soil volume goals.
Soil Volume Target

Soil Volume Equals Tree Health

One of the primary obstacles facing urban trees is soil compaction, which is inhospitable for root growth. Silva Cells eliminate this challenge by providing support to the hardscapes above and allowing its void space to be filled with nutrient-rich, uncompacted soil — and the more the better. Research proves that nurturing trees to maturity is best achieved with a robust bank of soil.

Can Silva Cells be installed with existing trees? Yes! Click the link below to learn more.

Silva Cells and Existing Trees

Grow Bigger Trees with Silva Cells

Using Silva Cells to treat stormwater? Check out our stormwater page.
stormwater management

Silva Cells and Stormwater

Silva Cells provide at-source stormwater management, treating runoff before it enters the municipal sewer system and local watersheds. This green bioretention solution offers numerous benefits including:

  • Pollutant removal
  • Peak overflow reduction
  • Low-impact development (LID)
  • Supplemental tree irrigation

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