1 Tie a simple knot 18" - 24" from either end of the ArborTie®
2 Wrap this end around tree. Begin a new knot below the knot that was tied in step 1.
3 Follow motion of ArborTie® as shown, finishing the knot by pulling tightly on points A and B at the same time.
4 Slide the completed knot just up to the knot tied in Step 1. Fasten free end to anchor.
5 The ArborKnot® expands as the tree grows, providing secure, girdle free attachment of ArborTie® to tree.
6 Secure long end of ArborTie® to the eye of the stake. Add tension to the ArborTie® by driving the stake into the ground outside of the planting hole at a 45 degree angle to the tree trunk.
7 When driving the stake into the ground, make sure the eye opening is buried. Stake eye should be just even to soil level, as shown above.
8 Stake should be placed outside of planting hole and driven into the undisturbed soil until the ArborTie® is taut.
9 Repeat steps 6-8 for each remaining stake. Stakes should be evenly spaced around the tree base.

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