Advantages of Using Permeable Pavers Above Silva Cells

Using Silva Cells can at the same time:

  1. Provide uncompacted tree rooting volume under HS-20 load bearing surfaces, allowing for larger and healthier trees than would otherwise be possible in urban areas with limited open space
  2. Use this underpavement tree rooting volume to provide sustainable stormwater management by directing surface stormwater to these tree soil volumes. With this technique, sustainable stormwater management is possible even in urban areas with limited open space, where providing sustainable stormwater management can be challenging (see, e.g. section on using trees with Silva Cells for Sustainable Stormwater Management on p. 211 of 2012 LID Technical Guidance Manual for Puget Sound).
    Advantages of Using Silva Cells With Pervious Pavers For Stormwater Management: Using pervious pavers above the Silva Cell system maximizes stormwater volume, rate, and quality benefits, and also minimizes installation and maintenance labor required. Maximizing Stormwater Volume, Rate, and Quality Benefits: In addition to the volume and water quality stormwater benefits provided by large trees grown in Silva Cells, pervious pavers provide the following stormwater benefits:

    • Increase stormwater storage
    • Improve water quality
  3. Minimizes Installation and Maintenance Labor Required: To use Silva Cells for stormwater management, stormwater is generally directed to the Silva Cells either through pervious pavers or through distribution pipes. Pervious pavers eliminate the need to install and maintain (clean) distribution pipes. They also eliminate any chance of the distribution pipes clogging.


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