Marino Cell and SuDS BS 8582

Are you working on a SuDS project? Great! The Marino Cell system is built for just this type of application.

Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act — taking effect in 2024 — requires that nearly all new developments in the UK incorporate Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) into their infrastructure planning.

Marino Cells are the perfect tool to assist in a development’s stormwater management, compliant with all applicable SuDS (C753 manual) regulations — including BS 8582, which addresses surface water management at new and existing development sites.

The top priorities of the BS 8582 standard include:

  • Minimising or mitigating runoff-related flooding
  • Utilising stormwater runoff to protect local water resources and supplies
  • Mitigating urbanisation climate risk
  • Protecting, repairing, or enhancing the landscape character

Marino Cell is built with these principles in mind, prioritizing sustainability and at-source stormwater treatment (and reducing the burden on the region’s gray infrastructure). Check out our complete SuDS page to learn more about the Marino Cell and Sustainable Drainage Systems!

Marino Cell and SUDS


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