Applications: Containment of bamboo and invasive species.
Bamboo makes an ideal garden plant and grows quickly to provide privacy and beauty — however, if left unchecked it can grow throughout the yard and become a major nuisance. Bamboo Barrier is an effective material to prevent its unwanted spread.

The smooth surface of the Bamboo Barrier acts as a root stop, diverting the rhizome and preventing rampant growth. The rhizome will not penetrate the barrier; instead it will turn and continue to grow along the surface of the barrier. This contains the bamboo and prevents spreading where it isn’t wanted.






**Properties for 40 mil, 60 mil, and 80 mil by request**

Bamboo Barrier Installation

Most bamboo will be sufficiently contained using a 24″ (61 cm) barrier of 40 mil (.04″/1.02 mm) thickness. Certain types of bamboo or plantings on steep hillsides or soft loamy soils may require a 30″ (76 cm) or 36″ (91 cm) depth barrier. Please consult with your local bamboo specialist for recommendations for your planting site.

Dig a trench around the perimeter of the area in which you want to contain the bamboo. The depth of the trench should be 2″ (5 cm) less than the depth of the barrier. If using the 24″ (61 cm) barrier the trench should be 22″ (56 cm) deep.

Insert the barrier into the trench. Overlap the barrier by four feet where the two ends meet and seal vertically with the double sided tape at each seam (see illustration). This prevents the rhizome from breaking through the seam. Make certain that the top of the barrier is 2″ (5 cm) above the finish grade of the soil. This is to help retard rhizome overgrowth and make it easier to see rhizomes and cut them back before they hop over the barrier.

Plant the bamboo according to the nursery planting recommendations, paying attention to soil deficiencies, drainage and compaction.

Top of DeepRoot Barrier must be approximately 2″ (52mm) above grade

Overlap ends of barrier by 4′ (1.2m) and apply sealant tape vertically on inside and outside of planting area



Annual maintenance is a key to controlling bamboo. Depending upon your location rhizomes spread outward from the center of the plant in later spring, summer and fall. Each Fall when rhizome activity has ended clear the top edge of the barrier and inspect for any rhizome overgrowth. If any rhizomes have gone over the top of the barrier cut them off and pull them out of the ground. If this procedure is done annually the rhizomes are new, soft and easy to remove.

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