Dogs, People, and Trees: Community Connection at Toronto’s Berczy Park

One of the most-visited parks in all of Toronto, Berczy Park features a flourishing urban forest: 22 trees grown in Silva Cells, each tree accessing more than 1,000 cubic feet of soil volume for continued health and vitality.

May 21, 2024

A Taste of Environmental Equity in Mesquite, Texas

A small bite of environmental equity: the urban forest outside the Villas at Vanston Park, an affordable housing mixed-use complex in the Dallas area, is thriving thanks to public investment in Silva Cells

May 2, 2024

Berkeley Transit Station Revitalized with Silva Cell-Supported Green Features

The new above-structure plaza at the Downtown BART station in Berkeley, California, planted 8 trees in Silva Cells — creating an inviting green ambiance in the new mixed-use space

April 10, 2024

On Structure, On Stairs, On Point: Silva Cells Shine at Brentwood Mall

The Brentwood Mall just outside Vancouver underwent a transformation beginning in 2014, evolving from a traditional shopping mall to a multi-use development complete with a robust urban forest of more than 150 trees planted in Silva Cells

April 8, 2024

Minnesota’s Largest Ever Public-Private Initiative Tasks Silva Cells with Bringing the Green

Multi-phase, award-winning project to revitalize downtown core of Rochester, Minnesota, outside the world-renowned Mayo Clinic embraces Silva Cell technology: over a hundred trees are thriving, the public realm space is rejuvenated, and stormwater is being utilized for supplemental tree irrigation

March 22, 2024

Silva Cells Bring the Green to New Industrial Redevelopment in Cambridge, Ontario

Industrial redevelopment in Cambridge, Ontario, blends old with new and includes a green space corridor supported by Silva Cells

March 12, 2024

Silva Cells at Lillie Square in London Support Local Traffic While Performing Dual-Purpose GI

New development area of Earls Court in London known as Lillie Square installed Silva Cells for soil volume and on-site stormwater treatment above the area’s new permeable pavement

Silva Cells Offer Shady Dining and Swimming Areas in Houston’s River Oaks District

River Oaks, a new high-end development district in Houston, tasked Silva Cells with providing lightly compacted soil to trees around a residential swimming pool and along an outdoor dining terrace.

February 14, 2024

Selkirk’s Award-Winning Streetscape Projects Go Green with Silva Cells

Multi-phase and award-winning streetscape renovations in Selkirk, Manitoba, utilize Silva Cells for soil volume and stormwater treatment

February 7, 2024

Silva Cells Solve Stormwater Conundrum in North Vancouver’s Phibbs Exchange

Without room for “daylighted” raingardens, project planners at the Phibbs Exchange bus terminal turned to Silva Cells for their underground bioretention needs — a system that treats stormwater on location without sacrificing buildable real estate.

January 26, 2024

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