Episode 2: The Mighty Green Street

…if not billions of dollars of deficit in terms of infrastructure rehabilitation, replacement, and repair. And by using green streets we may be able to reduce some of those costs…

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Can Dirt Become Soil Again?

…soil, and that everything planted in it will grow fine. Neither assessment is accurate. Damaged urban soils (dirt) are salvageable, however. They can be repaired and that’s what Bryant and…

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What Is Suspended Pavement?

…Stacks of Silva Cells are attached vertically, but not horizontally, making future excavation and repairs easily to isolate, and maintenance simple. Silva Cells can be stacked one, two, or three…

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If Not Now, When?

…the tree needs plenty of roots growing outward from the center in order to take up every drop of precious water it can get. Water effectively Inspect and repair irrigation…

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Soils Guy: An Interview With Tim O’ Hare

…soil waste during the construction process. Previously, soil on construction sites was frequently being degraded, often unnecessarily and beyond repair. Through my involvement in writing the British Standards on topsoil,…

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Resolutions of an urban tree - 1

New Year’s Resolution of an Urban Tree

…roots this year? Your resolution: Less concrete means fewer sidewalk repairs and better water quality! Many local governments, utilities and community organizations are providing funding or support for sidewalk gardens…

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