Welcome, Shawn!

We’ve got something fun to share today – DeepRoot has grown by one. Welcome, Shawn Freedberg!

Shawn will be working with clients and managing DeepRoot projects in the Western US, including California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Alaska, and Hawaii. Shawn is a trained landscape architect who practiced at PGA Design in Oakland, CA for several years before transitioning to a sales position at Recreation Republic. His experience as both a designer and as a supplier is valued with landscape architects, arborists, and municipalities from the initial design phase through construction documentation and installation.

Shawn is passionate about the urban landscape and has worked in the landscape architecture profession since 2002. He has a MLA from the Rhode Island School of Design, and he’s promised to dig up a grad school project he completed assessing Providence’s urban tree canopy – and how parking rules that the city instituted decades ago inadvertently decimated it. Stay tuned; good things are coming.

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