Up By Roots Workshop Coming to Seattle

Pacific Northwest readers, take note. James Urban, FASLA and four other presenters will be leading an Up by Roots workshop at the Center for Urban Horticulture in Seattle on October 15th. This one-day workshop will highlight the principles of soil science and their use in facilitating the growth of healthy trees and developing water efficient landscapes.

Healthy soils absorb and hold water and nutrients needed to grow long-lived trees. These same soils retain runoff and preserve water at the site, reducing the need for irrigation and limiting potential negative impacts on nearby water sources. This event will includes both lectures and field work from Jim and other presenters that is intended to introduce the underlying scientific principles guiding tree biology and soil-water relations. It is only through a healthy respect of these guiding principles, that one can effectively design, install, and manage soils and trees in the urban landscape.

This workshop combines Jim Urban’s extensive experience with contributions from four local experts to address regulations and conditions specific to the Seattle area. In addition to Jim, the presenters include David McDonald, Resource Conservation Planner with Seattle Public Utilities; Scott Baker, Owner and Principal Consultant with Tree Solutions Inc.; Daniel Vogt, Associate Professor of Soil and Ecosystem Ecology with University of Washington School of Environmental and Forest Sciences; and Roy Farrow, Horticulturalist with University of Washington Botanic Gardens.

Where: Center for Urban Horticulture3501 NE 41st St Seattle, WA 98105

When: Wednesday, October 15, 2014, 8:15am – 4:30pm

How: Register online or call 206-685-8033

Registration options include an opportunity to pre-order a copy of Up by the Roots for a discounted price of $60 (retail: $94.95)

Workshop Only – $145
Workshop + Book – $205

Student Rate: Workshop Only – $50
Student Rate: Workshop + Book – $110

* All prices increase $20 after October 1. Limit of ten registrations at the student rate.

James Urban, FASLA is a landscape architect with over 30 years of experience in the field of urban development. Over the past three decades, Jim has routinely dealt with the challenge of planting of trees in difficult urban sites. Since 1982, he has researched and tested various methods of tree installation in the urban environment. This work has brought him into close association and collaboration with many leading arborists, soil scientists, and researchers. Jim has learned to take the insights gain through his research and the research of others and develop them into easily accessible applications for practicing arborists and landscape architects. These applications include the testing of new urban tree systems and planting concepts, developing new approaches to landscape architectural design, detailing and specifications in the area of trees and urban soils.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources / CC BY 2.0

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