Tree-Athlons in London & Manchester Raise Money & Awareness for Trees

London and Manchester are taking running (and PUNNING, oh ho!) to new lengths with a “Tree-Athlon” race sponsored by Trees For Cities. Runners of all ages, abilities, species and transit systems (wheelchairs and buggies) will run the 5km course to raise funds and awareness for urban tree planting. 

The race is actually only the first of three parts of this event. The second part requires creating a “Tree Wish” (is there a play on words here that I’m missing?) to display on your running bib. In the final part of the event, participants receive a native sapling to take home and plant. (Proper planting information will be distributed at that time).

I hope they get a good turnout. Seems like fun for the whole family, and anything to raise the profile of city trees is good in our book. However, I am disappointed to report that Deep Root’s resident Englishman, Steve Chatwin-Grindey, will not be participating (he currently lives in Amsterdam).

(Via The Ecologist)

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