Quiz: What Kind of Tree Are You?

Empress Tree - Far Out Flora

Flickr credit: FarOutFlora

It’s July 3rd, so I think I can safely assume that everyone who is at their desk is counting down until 5pm (or maybe 3pm, if you’re in the nice sort of office that closes early before a holiday). Here is a short quiz from the Morton Arboretum, “What Kind of Tree Are You?” to help kill a few minutes.

I don’t know how the person who wrote this test came up with some of the choices…

what kind of tree are you?

(Couscous with pine nuts?)

… but I’m going to assume they know more about the social lives of trees than I do.

My result? The empress tree:

Empress Trees are pollarded—repeatedly cut back—for bigger and better leaves. If pollarded, the empress tree is considered high maintenance. Otherwise, it’s an easy grower. Empress Trees tolerate many soil and weather conditions and perform well in a variety of places. Some think the Empress is a weed tree, but other people are big fans! It has beautiful lavender flowers in the spring. The wood is made into stringed instruments. The Empress Tree is native to China, and was often planted in honor of a new baby girl, then cut down for her wedding dowry.

I think I’m a little insulted, but I’ll let it go.

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