New Silva Cell Standard Details Released

We’ve just updated our Silva Cell standard details! Here’s what’s new:

  1. Details are now separated by application type: streetscapes, parking lots, and plazas. In addition to this, we do have one master CAD file with all the details together (you may need to fill out a form in order to initiate the download).
  2. We now have a “Silva Cell System Components” detail on the index page of each set of details, including descriptions of why these items are standard.
  3. We have removed the recommended layer of compost at the top of the system, instead we show only a 1” (2.5 cm) air space. The Silva Cell specifications do still note the use of compost in porous pavement applications.
  4. The 1-layer concrete details now include the use of the UB 12-2 root barrier.
  5. Sections have been provided parallel to the curb.
  6. Asphalt, porous pavements, and pavers are all in the same sections
  7. New standard (18″/45 cm) curb setback. (Although, do note that – depending on project specifics such as curb dimensions and sequencing of curb installation, additional space or alternate compaction methods may be required.)
  8. Metric and English measurements are both included.

We are currently working on updating our modified (non-standard) Silva Cell details, and should have those available sometime in August or early September. In the meantime, you can download the English version here, and the metric version here. As always, stormwater details are available by request only.

To access our standard details, specifications, and all other Silva Cell materials, please visit the Resources page on our website.


  1. Lucy Williams


    Just wondering what the Silva Cell is actually made from. Haven’t noted this anywhere

    • Leda Marritz

      Hi Lucy,
      The Silva Cell is made of a very specific compound resin which is a blend of polypropylene and glass. There are also two galvanized steel tubes in the deck to prevent plastic creep over time.

      If you’d like to read more about the design of the Silva Cell and why it isn’t (yet) made of recycled plastic, you may find this blog post interesting as well: http://www.deeproot.com/blog/blog-entries/why-the-silva-cell-isnt-made-of-recycled-plastic

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