Inside Sales Manager – North America

Role Description

As the Inside Sales Manager at DeepRoot, you will be responsible for leading a team of 4-5 inside sales
professionals who will drive revenue growth in both the United States and Canada. This role involves
overseeing sales efforts that encompass a diverse range of markets and customer types, utilizing a mix of
both direct-to-customer and distributor sales strategies. Your primary focus will be on developing and
implementing effective B2B sales strategies, fostering a collaborative and data-driven sales culture within
the team, and managing dynamic pricing patterns to ensure success across North American markets.
This role is pivotal in expanding our market presence and delivering growth through multiple sales

Specific Accountabilities

1. Sales Team Leadership: Lead, mentor, and coach a team of 4-5 inside sales representatives to
achieve and exceed sales targets.
2. B2B Sales Strategy: Develop and implement effective B2B sales strategies to identify and acquire
new clients, nurture existing relationships, and grow revenue.
3. Dynamic Pricing Management: Work on pricing within multiple different markets and customer
types that require dynamic and changing pricing patterns. Collaborate with cross-functional
teams to adjust pricing strategies based on market dynamics and customer needs.
4. Data Analysis: Utilize strong data analysis skills to evaluate sales performance, identify pricing
trends, and develop data-driven strategies for continuous improvement in pricing strategies.
5. Collaborative Approach: Foster a collaborative environment within the sales team, working
closely with other departments such as marketing, product development, and customer support
to ensure a unified approach to customer success.
6. Training and Development: Provide ongoing training and development opportunities to enhance
the skills and knowledge of the inside sales team.
7. Sales Process Optimization: Continuously refine and improve the sales process to enhance
efficiency and effectiveness, including the use of our SalesForce CRM system.
8. Reporting: Generate regular reports on sales performance, pricing effectiveness, forecasts, and
market trends to senior management.
9. Customer Relationship Management: Develop and maintain strong relationships with key clients
and partners to understand their needs and ensure customer satisfaction.
10. Market Research: Stay updated on industry trends, competitive landscape, and market dynamics
to identify new pricing opportunities and threats.


– 7+ years of experience in B2B sales with a minimum of 2 years in sales management, preferably in a
similar industry.
– Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Business, Marketing, or a related field.
– Strong data analysis and reporting skills.
– Ability to set and execute sales strategies across multiple markets.
– Collaborative team leadership skills with the ability to build a cohesive and productive sales team.
– Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
– Proficiency in SalesForce CRM system and Microsoft Office suite.
– Results-oriented with a track record of meeting or exceeding sales targets.
– A collaborative and adaptable approach to problem-solving.


– Competitive salary and performance-based bonuses.
– Comprehensive health, dental, and retirement benefits.
– Opportunities for professional development and advancement.
– A supportive and inclusive workplace culture.
– Meaningful work contributing to sustainable urban development.

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