Friday Follies: Redefining The “Tree House”

I’m introducing a new featurette here, “Friday Follies.” This name is based on an aspirational office tradition to have tasty treats around on Fridays. It only lasted a day (I was the purveyor of said treats). Will this blog’s reinterpretation of Friday Follies have a longer tenure? I can’t say for sure. Only time will tell.

Anyway, I came across this structure on Design Boom and was immediately smitten. I think it’s a delightful inversion of nature — almost paying tribute to the trees that allow most structures to exist in the first place. (Not this one, however — those tree silhouettes are actually made from punctured steel cladding).

This “prefabicated nature” vacation house is the product of Spanish architecture firm MYCC (the the lovechild of Carmina Casajuana, Beatriz G. Casares and Marcos González).  This house is located in a remote region of northeastern Spain where natural elements like the ocean and the forest reign. For the design nerds out there, check out the original Design Boom post for details.

(All photos all photos © fernando guerra/FG+SG)

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