Deep roots, strong buds

As the northern hemisphere begins the thaw and our record-setting snow melts, we are drawn to the transformation of the landscape. Our love of trees runs deep, and we are all looking forward to digging in the soil. In Minnesota, the technical team is also trying not to get too excited – sometimes it snows in April.

We were not dormant in winter: Our crew watches trees all year, as referenced by New York-based Al Key on his travels:

Taking photos of deciduous trees at Silva Cell installations in the wintertime is a reminder of which clues to look for to discern tree health. The trees are dormant and are not in full leaf or seed, but how are these trees doing? You should look for: no adventitious shooting, no fruiting bodies in the trunk (moss or fungus) and a well maintained, minimal salt strategy. The biggest thing though is twig extension. If the tree has growth from the previous year’s bud scar to the tip of 10-20 inches, it’s doing GREAT, particularly in the two years after transplant. Also, check the buds to see if they are hard. That is an indication they are ready for bud break.

As we enter spring, the buds begin to break open, and the festivities began with the triad: March 20 was the first day of Spring, March 21 was International Day of Forests, and March 22 was World Water Day. Trees and water are so intertwined with our earth’s ecosystem, it makes sense to honor their powers and think about their futures close together.

Continuing into April, we look forward to a month celebrating our beloved Earth, finding renewal in the fresh season. Seek out activities in your area – or simply take a moment to take a deep breath in nature.

World Landscape Architecture Month https://www.asla.org/contentdetail.aspx?id=45783

Earth Day is Monday, April 22 https://www.earthday.org/

Arbor Day is April 26 https://www.arborday.org/

Happy Spring!

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