How To Protect Silva Cells & Utilities From Accidental Damage

The Silva Cell product is designed for use in the urban environment, so integrating Silva Cells and underground utilities is an important topic to us. In a previous post we discussed basic design strategies and construction methods for integrating Silva Cells and utilities. The next question we’re most often asked usually starts something like this:… More

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Silva Cells & Underground UtilitiesOverview

The Silva Cell system was developed with the goal of improving the urban environment by providing a means for trees to have access to the soil volumes they need to thrive, and by which stormwater can be absorbed back into the ground. At issue with integrating green infrastructure and products such as Silva Cells into… More

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Installation Tip: Innovative Ideas for Silva Cell Sites

By Patrick Greeley Now that we’ve seen about 200 Silva Cell projects go in the ground, we’ve learned a thing or two about different ways to go about making these installations a success. Last week we discussed using concrete screws for on-structure sites. Today, we take a look at other innovative ideas we’ve seen along the way.

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Installation Tip: For On-Structure Sites, Use Concrete Screws

Securing Silva Cell frames to the sub-base using spikes is part of our standard installation details. It’s an important step because it prevents the Cells from shifting around and maintains even, consistent spacing between frames.  If you’re installing Silva Cells on-structure, however, regular spikes won’t work. If there is an area of the site where… More

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