Britain Commits £4.2m to Urban Tree Planting

In the first government-sponsored urban tree planting effort since the 1970s, Britain has committed £4.2m to plant one million trees by 2015. Declining rates of tree planting are the motivation for this new effort, which is being co-sponsored by Defra, Forestry Commission, Woodland Trust, Trees for Cities, Tree Council, and more.

Over 750 urban sites across Britain are being targeted. The article doesn’t specify where, which we would be curious to know. Anyone out there have additional information on this?

We already know that planting trees isn’t enough; we need to plant them in enough soil in order to have any hope of reversing loss of canopy cover and avoiding premature decline.

This effort is a great initial step. We hope it has the teeth to create a lasting groundwork for Britain’s urban canopy.


Image: Craig A. Rodway

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