Top 7 DeepRoot Silva Cell FAQs for Contractors

1: Can Silva Cells go around utilities? Yes, our modules can be moved and oriented to accommodate most utilities, footings, and other obstacles. Integration with utilities is by no means a barrier to using Silva Cells! Silva Cells are designed to be completely structurally independent, meaning it is not necessary for them to be in… More

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Tree Watering Bags: Are They Worth Using?

In the July issue of ISA Arboriculture & Urban Forestry magazine, Hossain, Stuhlinger, Olson, and Babst contributed, “A Comparison of Indirect Water Devices for Benefiting Newly Transplanted Urban Trees”. Urban trees often undergo a period of post-transplant stress which is exacerbated by a water-limited environment. Watering devices are available to help a newly-planted tree receive… More

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Speaking for the Trees: Getting to Know Diana Beresford-Kroeger

If you love trees but aren’t familiar with Diana Beresford-Kroeger, it’s time to acquaint yourself with her work.  A botanist, medical biochemist, author, and activist, her background combines western scientific training with traditional folk-knowledge and methods. Perhaps her strongest talent is her ability to bring an understanding and appreciation of the scientific complexities of nature… More

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Money Really Does Grow on Trees

It’s difficult to convince people to commit time, money, and energy to an abstract concept. Show people an image or some thoughtful calculations, however, and suddenly it is easier to motivate them in your favor. Such is often the case with planting trees in our cities and parks. Environmentalists, designers, arborists, and others have known… More

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Hit the Lights! Light Pollution’s Negative Impact on Urban Trees

Light pollution has become a frustration for many a star-gazer. Those who seek the heavens must drive far outside of urban centers and away from light-lined interstates in order to truly see the night sky, and even then, the effects of light pollution cannot be completely escaped. Light from our streetlights and buildings travels farther… More

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The Last Mile: Proper Tree Planting for Successful Projects

After months of design, calculations, and careful planning, construction is starting on your next project. You have spent hours selecting which tree varieties to use, where to place them, and how they will be maintained. Perhaps you have even invested extra time and resources to make sure those trees will have ample soil and water… More

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Urban Soundscapes: Creating Quiet Spaces in a Roaring City

The sounds of the city are adored by some as a source of energy and excitement – the hustle and bustle of people crowding the sidewalks accented by cars and buses whooshing past. Dogs bark, people shout, music plays from a window, and somewhere (hopefully in the distance) a siren wails. These noises are as… More

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