Improving Water Quality with Green InfrastructureSilva Cell Case Study

In 2013, the city of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada began the process of revitalizing its downtown district known as The Quarters Downtown and improving drainage services throughout the neighborhood. A primary component of the project was the creation of The Armature, a pedestrian-oriented streetscape corridor that runs through downtown and connects the four unique districts… More

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Person Street Innovative Stormwater GreenscapeSilva Cell Case Study

In early 2016, Fayetteville, a city in the Coastal Plain region of North Carolina, began construction on its first green street. The $1.2 million project, born out of partnership between the City of Fayetteville and North Carolina State University’s Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, was funded in part by a grant from the Clean… More

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Historic Courthouse Square Redesign

Santa Rosa’s downtown square reunification integrates stormwater management and the planting of 86 new trees. The Santa Rosa Courthouse reunification is a long-awaited project to restore the city’s downtown square to its original layout, changing it from a space split in half by a four lane road to one continuous 1.5 acre site. The plaza… More

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Stormwater management in the median Silva Cell case study

Central Parkway is a low impact development (LID) retrofit streetscape project in Mississauga, Ontario. The project utilizes Silva Cells as an underground bioretention system to manage and treat stormwater runoff while simultaneously providing the uncompacted soil volume necessary to grow large trees. At Central Boulevard, the City of Mississauga partnered with DeepRoot, TD Friends of… More

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A pedestrian plaza for an historic downtown Silva Cell case study

Rockwall, Texas, a growing community located 25 miles northeast of Dallas, contains a quaint, historic downtown district that dates back to the late 1800’s. In 2004, planning began to breathe new life into downtown Rockwall and to address problems with existing design and infrastructure including accessibility issues, lack of pedestrian scale, and problems with existing… More

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