May Event Schedule

We’ll be exhibiting at two tradeshows this month, and speaking at one of them! (That’s our spiffy new booth and flooring pictured above.)

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What Makes People Care About Street Trees?

I have a hard time thinking of too many people who would disagree that there is a joyful calmness to a forested path, a nature preserve, or a hillside of fall foliage. These scenes all have powerful visual and psychological impacts that make us feel more synchronous with the earth and… well, grounded. The trees… More

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Four Recent Silva Cell Installations

Spring is always a busy time at DeepRoot, and this year is no different. Here are a few photos from four recent Silva Cell installations. To see full albums of each of these installations, check out our Facebook page.

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Friday Follies: Cryptic License Plate

I happened upon this truck parked outside my house a couple of days ago and immediately assumed the “TRS” abbreviation stood for “Trees.” But now I’m wondering if that was an erroneous conclusion, tacitly suggested by the fir tree on the Oregon license plate.

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How Much Soil To Grow A Big Tree?

In the end, the core of all of our discussions about green infrastructure comes down to soil volume. Adequate soil volume is the seedling from which our particular variety of green infrastructure grows (literally and figuratively). It is what allows us to even consider the role that huge, mature trees and on-site stormwater management can… More

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So A Tree Walks Into An Office…

I came across this unusual design of the offices of Pons and Huot on Treehugger. This layout has been dubbed “Forest Through the Table,” I assume by its designer, architect Christian Pottgiesser.

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Using Pervious Pavers With The Silva Cell System

One of the most common and simple ways to direct stormwater into Silva Cells is to install pervious pavers above the system so that rain can drain through the pervious pavers directly into the Silva Cells. (For other ways to get water in, check out our stormwater schematics.) One of the most common questions we… More

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