ASLA Launches Green Infrastructure Campaign

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) recently announced the launch of a Green Infrastructure Campaign to bring attention to the role that green infrastructure plays in healthy, sustainable communities — as well as the role of the landscape architecture community in undertaking and meeting these goals.

The campaign also focuses of legislation, most recently HR 4202, the Green Infrastructure for Clean Water Act, which is designed to meet the environmental and construction threats of stormwater runoff using technologies like green roofs, permeable pavements, rain gardens, and more to manage stormwater on-site and keep natural bodies of water clean, cool, and pollutant-free.

Green infrastructure is critically important for new and retrofit development, providing ecological solutions to challenges like air and water quality, pedestrian-friendly outdoor areas, home and business values, and psychological stress. What’s more, green infrastructure solutions don’t need to break the bank.

Read more about HR 4202 here, and consider contacting your local representatives to support this important bill.

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