A Tree Joke For Your Next Industry Mixer

I heard the joke I’m sharing with you today a long time ago from Darrel Morrison, FASLA. I have always liked it. There are not many tree jokes in the world, I wonder why? But here’s one for mixed company.

A doctor moves to work at a new hospital. On his 1st night walking home he spots a local bar. The doctor goes into the bar & asks the bartender for a daquiri with an acorn garnish. The bartender serves the doctor the daquiri as requested. The doctor drinks it down & is delighted with the bartender ‘s daquiris.

“Bartender I come home from work at 6 o’clock every evening. If you have this exact drink ready for me every night at 6 pm, you will have a customer for life.”

The bartender shakes hands on the deal. So starts a beautiful relationship. The doctor comes in every evening at 6 to find his daquiri ready on the bar, & all is well.

One evening just before the doctor arrives, the bartender realizes he is all out of acorns. He looks around & finds a hickory as a garnish. Delighted he places the drink on the bar just as the doctor walks in.

The doctor walks up to the bar & recoils in horror.

“What is that, bartender?”

“Why, that’s a Hickory Daquiri Doc!”

Image: Tetsuya Odaka

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