In Praise of Opening Day

Spring has sprung, which brings freak snowstorms on the east coast, 20 days of rain in March in San Francisco, and longer and hopefully warmer days to come. For me, one of the best parts of spring is the return of baseball to the daily calendar. Opening day was yesterday, dreams are alive, and that glow from the World Series for those of us in San Francisco is still fresh in our memory.

Much to my delight, a Silva Cell installation from last week at Heritage Field, site of the old Yankee stadium, coincided with opening day.  The 10 acre park features shade trees (our favorites), athletic fields, a rain garden, a children’s play area and more. Heritage Field is another in the growing list of our plaza installations, helping to ensure soil volumes to meet the needs of the trees and ultimately provide the ecosystem services like heat-island effect reduction and cleaner air that are so vital to urban areas.

Part of the passion and excitement for me at DeepRoot is helping contribute to the growth of green infrastructure and delivering ecosystem services on a daily basis. Trees deliver every day in many different ways, and in its own way baseball does too (I know — not exactly the comparison you were expecting).

What I love about the baseball season is the daily nature of it, the ebb and flow, and the way it provides  any number of levels of interest, ranging from rabid fan to bandwagon jumper, to the simple pleasures of just throwing a ball around or flopping on the couch for ten minutes and catching an inning. So here’s to the return of baseball, the soon-to-be opening of Heritage Field and the vital trees within, and for at least one day my dream world series matchup of the San Francisco Giants versus the Toronto Blue Jays is still a real possibility.


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