2014: Looking Back

We’re taking this week off to celebrate the winter holidays, over-eat, spend time with family and friends, and sleep in. So in lieu of a new article we created a roundup of some of our favorite posts from this site and across the web from the last year. Expect us to be back to our regular posting schedule next week.

Now, on to the roundup…

From this blog

Our i-Tree series – explaining the ways this powerful tool can be used at the community, region, and city level – is one of my favorites from 2014. Looking to make a business case for trees? These articles can help you figure out how.

What would it mean to treat trees as actual infrastructure? Green infrastructure advocate Majora Carter poses a pointed question.

Not all cities are doing the same old, same old where trees, soil, and stormwater management are concerned. Nathalie Shanstrom wrote about cities that are pioneers in developing stormwater credit systems for trees. Know any others that aren’t mentioned? Email us to let us know. (Related: Minnesota’ evaotranspiration credit system for trees).

Peer-reviewed. Research driven. Open source. FREE. What more do you want? Go download the new guideline specifications for nursery tree quality from the urban tree foundation and replace whatever outdated ones you’ve been using. Now.

Bioretetion has been shown to effectively remove heavy metals from stormwater runoff, which makes it a very useful design tool. And recent research on long-term use of bioretention for heavy metals removal indicates that the benefits of bioretention systems typically far outweigh the concerns.

High Tree Canopy Cover Results on Fewer Heat-Related Emergencies


From around the web

Bosco Verticale wins international high rise award

What do mulches do?

What we want from cities

Are native species planting mandates good for biodiversity? (Podcast)

Soil testing: it’s a good thing

Night of the Ginkgo

When Worlds Collide

Soils: The Measure of Moisture

Using Biodiversity as a Predictor of Urban Health

‘As an Oak Tree Grows,’ and More


Just because

Blinking baby owls

Kittens in unison

Horse and dog play together

Pitbull teaches baby to crawl

Snowball rocks out to the Backstreet Boys


Stephan RebernikCC BY 2.0

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