92 Trees Enhance Downtown Banff, Alberta: A Silva Cell Case Study

– In 2021, a near 30-year-old vision to create a cohesive, connected, and safe thoroughfare came true for both Bear and Moose streets in Banff, Alberta. – Embodying the natural beauty of cascading mountains and the National Park surrounding the town, designers The Tula Project and WSP incorporated 92 street trees along the redesigned Bear... More

Greenville, South Carolina, Silva Cells Then and Now: Case Study

– One of DeepRoot’s earliest Silva Cell projects involved Jim Urban, FASLA, and Drew Smith of Greenville, South Carolina. – 13 years later, two additional Silva Cell projects are complete, and the city has continued to prioritize green infrastructure—a big contributor to the strengthening of the downtown economy, and a strong lure to new, permanent... More

How Much Soil Do You Need to Grow a Big Tree?

It seems pretty universal that everyone likes trees. We find them pretty, and calming, and they make us feel healthy. Space, pollutants and engineering requirements are all major factors that affect the growing conditions for urban trees. But other than picking a climate-appropriate tree, soil availability is one of the biggest elements in their success... More

Miami Beach Convention Center Silva Cell Case Study

*The MBCC is open for conferences, after a year of closure due to COVID-19. The convention center hosts COVID-19 testing outside of its building. Since opening in 1958, the Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC) has hosted events ranging from iconic sports matchups and political conventions to renowned art shows. Muhammad Ali’s first heavyweight championship bout... More

Barcelona Eixample District Takes On Green Space: Applying Learnings From COVID-19

– Barcelona is adding over 33 hectacres of green space in its most populated district. – Construction to begin in June 2022. At the heart of all of the design? Trees. By 2026 every resident in the Eixample district of Barcelona will be no more than 650 feet (200 meters) from a green space announced... More

17 Trees Provide Shade and Stormwater Management in D.C. Capitol Hill Neighborhood: A Silva Cell Case Study

– A pedestrian-friendly, tree-lined, multiuse structure blocks away from the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., was completed in 2017. – The 17 trees that surround 128 luxury residence buildings covering the entire block at 777 C Street St Pennsylvania Ave. SE help to achieve principles of new urbanism, support neighborhood activity, and well-being, and harvest... More

Silva Cell “Leeds” the Way in Sovereign Square: Case Study

Sovereign Square is the first significant redevelopment in Leeds City Centre in a generation. Seven years ago, the City of Leeds, a financial and legal hub in the UK, initiated the transformation of an industrial site to a green, urban oasis. Between Sovereign Place and Sovereign Street, the aptly named Sovereign Square has become what... More

A Practitioner’s Guide to Tree Evaluation

I often cruise around checking in on Silva Cell projects throughout the seasons and take some random data on how the trees are doing. The data is helpful for established and new clients to show the efficacy of Silva Cells. My study concerns deciduous trees. I also usually point to this piece of content on... More

Silva Cell Education Institution Projects

Green landscaping complete with flourishing trees keeps spaces cooler, encourages relaxation, enhances creativity, and provides stimulating, healthy air to breathe. It is especially crucial to have green infrastructure throughout academic campuses. Whether the institutions are for elementary students or those earning an advanced degree, strong, healthy trees create an atmosphere of safety, security, and calm... More

The Summer of Tree Reckoning in the Media

A convergence of two connected elements in 2020 and 2021 is causing an outpouring of news stories this summer, covering tree equity and the role and impact of trees as a means to reduce heat impacts in all neighborhoods across America, not just some. The racial inequality and reckoning that the United States experienced in... More