How Much Soil To Grow A Big Tree?

In the end, the core of all of our discussions about green infrastructure comes down to soil volume. Adequate soil volume is the seedling from which our particular variety of green infrastructure grows (literally and figuratively). It is what allows us to even consider the role that huge, mature trees and on-site stormwater management can play in urban environments.

Now, we’ve got a new chart illustrating the relationship of soil volume to tree size and stormwater management capacity.

While the information is basically the same as our old chart, we’ve added more detail about how these calculations were made and what sources we used when determining the numbers. A new layout makes a stronger visual impact and instantly communicate how powerful this form of infrastructure can be.

This information is available in both English and Metric.


  1. Is this available as a PDF? I’m on Arlington County, VA Urban Forestry Commission and I’d like this in determining practices for development. Thanks for publicizing this.a

  2. Hi Nora,

    Absolutely. Just click the “new chart” or “English” links in the blog post and you should be taken to a PDF with this information.


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