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DeepRoot Green Infrastructure develops solutions to enhance urban forests and surrounding watersheds in city streets, parking lots, campuses, and other heavily-paved areas. Silva Cell, our flagship product, is an underground framework for containing lightly compacted soil that supports large trees and absorbs runoff from rain, increasing air and water quality, reducing energy loads, mitigating heat island effect and nurturing trees for a long life in their communities. Headquartered in San Francisco with locations in Vancouver, and London, DeepRoot has more than forty years of experience helping trees thrive in cities, nurturing over 500 blocks of urban treescape in the built environment around the world.

DeepRoot was founded in 1976 when an industrial designer tripped on an uprooted sidewalk and ruined a new pair of shoes. This eventually led him to develop the first commercially available tree root barriers. From that simple start, we are now a leading urban landscape products and ecosystem services supplier, focused primarily on integrating trees, soil, and stormwater into the urban environment. Our products include Silva Cell, Root Barrier, Geomembranes (Water Barrier/Bamboo Barrier), and ArborTie staking and guying material. We hold several patents protecting our designs.

Our vision is to create thriving, resilient urban ecosystems comprised of mature, vigorous trees and healthy watersheds. We are committed to enhancing the built environment with innovative and quality products and services that create green infrastructure. We believe this is essential to the creation of healthy and thriving urban spaces.


Do we need big trees in cities? How much soil should a tree have? How do we help trees grow bigger? These are some of the questions that will affect the ecological future of our cities.



We are fortunate to work with amazing contributing consultants who are experts in the fields of urban trees, soils, low-impact development, stormwater management, and product engineering. These partners have been essential to our success and we are very grateful for their ongoing support and expertise.

James UrbanPeter MacDonaghInnova Engineering, Inc.


DeepRoot's work and Silva Cell projects have been featured in many great publications, from industry magazines to local newspapers. Stay up to date with the latest news here.



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